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Ticketing and Reservations

We are currently open for reservation-only supper club style dining with a maximum of six parties a night. This will elevate our already intimate private dining experience to a new level. We will allow groups of 2-6. The building will be closed to walk-in diners to minimize risk. We will have just one seating per night, and all guests will be spaced far below the city and CDC standards. All other precautions will be taken meeting or exceeding health guidance (masks, disinfecting, gloves, etc).

As you can imagine, we are particularly prepared for this challenge as we had (for environmental/sustainable reasons) projected menus and other low-contact practices already in place.

This transition is clearly a matter of survival where we don’t expect to make a profit, but hope to slow the depletion of our resources. This step should allow us to emerge on the other side of the pandemic ready to return to some sense of normalcy. Since we are only offering one seating a night and offering a more extensive tasting menu, we will be adjusting our prices accordingly. We have never intended to be your routine nightly meal, but rather something unique and special for celebratory nights, and so we hope that you feel this project is worthy of support at such a critical time.

Please note that we do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, but we will be serving nuts, eggs and dairy. Vegetarian and gluten-free is readily accommodated with notification. We are unable to ensure celiac diets due to our small kitchen space.

At this time of extreme financial distress we are asking that gift cards not be redeemed until we are back at full service. If you are in hardship and a gift card is necessary, please give us a call and we can make arrangements.

All-inclusive pricing

In-house dining prices include hospitality. Carryout prices do NOT include hospitality.

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