Welcome to Bulrush (COVID Edition!)

COVID has led most restaurants to settle on Plan B while they wait for the pandemic to end. Our initial response was to do just that, but at our core we are story tellers, artists, and researchers, and need a format that allows us to express the discoveries that we find exciting. But we also need a space that is safe for staff and guests to interact. We found that guests weren’t able to fully relax with indoor dining – even our spacious dining room, and thus, they weren’t fully able to enjoy their experience during the initial months of COVID. Now we’re stepping into a new restaurant model that isn’t settling for next best, but rather, creating a model that is perfect for a COVID world, and something that we believe you will be able to experience our enthusiasm while remaining safe with your loved ones.

We now offer you our unique tasting menu either Park & Dine in front of the restaurant, Curbside Carryout (starting Aug 12th), or Delivered to your door (starting Aug 12th). Each meal, regardless of where you choose to dine, will include our staff explaining the food, the history, and our numerous research projects, alongside live community video chats so you can engage in real-time with Chef Rob.

Park & Dine at Bulrush
Delivery or Pickup : Coming Soon!

Bulrush STL is a contemporary dining and craft bar experience in the Grand Center Arts District just a short walk to the Fox Theater and Symphony. James Beard semi-finalist chef, Rob Connoley features contemporary foods rooted in Ozark cuisine. Our goal is to define Ozark cuisine by looking into the past – the origin story, so to speak, when the indigenous Osage people first encountered the immigrants and settlers, who also brought the enslaved into the region known as the Ozarks. This is a messy story. A story often filled with troubling histories – histories that aren’t ignored. Tonight our focus is on the food and using our platform to give voice to the story tellers of the past. And so we look at how each of these cultures offered ingredients, techniques and traditions to what melted together to become what we now know of as Ozark Cuisine.

We source all ingredients locally from small farmers. We make everything ourselves including cheese, yogurt and butter. Our team forages all ingredients to ensure responsible harvesting.

From the Marshfield Mail newspaper recounting an Ozark resident during the Spanish Flu Pandemic, “Floyd Atkinson, who had the flu last week, is able to eat biscuits now, and he said they tasted good.”

At this time of extreme financial distress we are asking that you consider not redeeming gift cards until we are back at full service. If you are in hardship and a gift card is necessary, please give us a call and we can make arrangements.

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Chef Rob’s Instagram

Last week to grab pot pies, roast chicken and peanut butter pies! We're grabbing COVID by the cojones next week and reclaiming our voice! ...

This is the last week for @bulrush_stl curbside roast chicken, fried turkey wings, peanut butter pie, and a number of your other favorite items. Our long-term re-boot will be announced any time now. But in the meantime, let's enjoy those wings! ...

Tonight's harvest from my personal historic seed garden. Got the first of my vine peaches. ...

Met a friend today while foraging. Oh, and we still have seats for dinner tonight #privatedining ...